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Testimonials:Energy Healing Richmond, VA

Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT):


"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful MTT session last week. It has really helped when things were getting rough. I saw that you will be at the Expo next weekend. Hope to see you there! Thanks again for everything!!" B.R.

MTT and going from overeating cookies to erasing anxiety about packing/leaving home: "I went in for my appointment with Charlene feeling pretty upset about the large number of cookies I consumed during the Christmas Holidays. I baked the cookies to give away as gifts but consumed fairly large quantities of them as I baked. Charlene did a setup about me eating cookies and while we were tapping, an image came into my consciousness about my cousin giving her children the "good" cookies and me and my brother, the "bad or not so good" cookies. We were staying with my cousin because our house was quarantined. (My father had been diagnosed with tuberculosis.) I was 8 years old..., it became apparent that I was anxious, scared, and bewildered about leaving my father and what would happen when we got back. At that moment, I hit me that I have carried that anxiety around for years about packing to leave home for business or pleasure trips. And it didn’t matter about the duration of the trip; I would have anxiety attacks trying to pack a suitcase. On occasion, a friend would come to my house to pack or re-pack my suitcase and I always stayed up all night prior to leaving home.

Shortly after our session, my husband and I went to Texas. I didn’t pull my suitcase out of storage until the Saturday before we were leaving and had it packed on Sunday without any angst, concern, worry, nervousness, etc. and we lMTT on Wednesday. In the past, I started making long convoluted lists ahead of time, packing, and re-packing sometimes a month in advance. It seems that with MTT, a miracle occurred that wasn’t even being sought." C.H.

Fear of flying:
"Thanks so much for all your help. It truly did help; I couldn't have flown without the MTT." J.G.

Weight loss:
"Charlene- thanks for the last session. Things are going swimmingly. I'm so pleased. I'm doing my daily MTT, started a nightly gratitude journal, am eating well and feeling good. I really can't ask for anything more. I believe what you said about transition was correct and now it is time for me to deliver. Thanks." B.O.

Energy Healing:


Energy Session: "Hi Charlene! Thanks again for yesterday’s session. I really enjoyed it. It has given me a feeling of relief and freedom. Thanks so much and talk to you soon!" L.P.

"Aside from the immense calming & relaxing effects, Healing Touch has helped me with emotional distress, digestive issues, headaches, a variety of body aches and pains, and has provided an over-all sense of well-being." L.R.

"Thank you for taking such good care of me. Your kind and soothing treatments allowed me to endure the summer..." M.L.



"I find Charlene's techniques extremely relaxing and very effective at reducing stress. For me, Hypnosis helps to de-program any negatives in my day and focus on the more important things. I literally feel recharged at the end of a tough day." C.S.

"I am feeling GREAT! I have lost ~15 lbs." J.S.

Fear of having blood drawn:

"I just wanted to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for working with me on my fear on getting my blood drawn. I went in to have it done on Monday and I didn't have any anxiety at all. When she began taking my blood, I began crying uncontrollably, it was almost as if I was releasing my fear. I will not hesitate the next time I have to get my blood drawn." S.B.

"Spiritual Response Therapy" SRT Session:


"SRT has proven to be a very unique and helpful tool. Charlene was very supportive in her role as a practitioner, and I felt very open to the process. Although the effects were not know to me immediately, over time I began to notice a dramatic shift in my behavior and personal outlook on life. I had been experiencing an ongoing mild depression over the past year, and suddenly I realized after the first session that I was functioning again. I was able to become a productive person again, and probably more so than I had been in years! After a subsequent session, I noticed that when I was out in public, people would just start talking to me out of the blue. SRT has made me realize how much my entire being is influenced by unknown aspects, and that exploring the different layers, energies and relationships can open doors to an entirely new way of experiencing life." M.G.

"During the SRT session, I experienced an enlightenment. Starting with my head I had a cool sensation under the skull in the rear top and back giving a sense of relief. While working on my back, it felt as if spider webs were being removed from my spine as one would do after walking through a spider web. When all was done I felt lighter and relief overwhelmed me." L.S.

Workshop Testimonials:

On a Workshop:

"What a great class. There is always much to learn on one's own, but class in person with others is a wonderful learning experience! Now I really understand more about borrowing benefits!! I was stunned by the emotions that were brought up with the story about ice cream. It hit me like a sledge hammer! My Dad loved his ice cream! And, now I have even MORE stuff to work on. You are a wonderful instructor and I thank you for your work!!" M.G.

"I am SO GLAD I took this workshop. You are a great facilitator, AND a great teacher. (in my mind, these are different energies) I learned a lot, I made some new friends and possible work connections, and I had FUN! Thanks again!" L.M.

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderfully informative workshop this past Saturday! It’s such a gift, having you share this information and technique. I can’t wait to take Level 2... Following your directions, I have already done a couple sessions on myself. One for the hip again, and am experiencing much relief! One, because I had a "blind date" today, and was nervous…so I used MTT to calm down and ground myself! Anyway, I’m thrilled to have a technique that can help me move things through and out of my system…especially something that works so darn quickly! My sincere thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you again soon," K.M.

"I really enjoyed the Level I MTT Program! It has helped me on many different levels in my life. By following the practices that I learned, I was able to move on from a difficult divorce. By practicing MTT daily, I have less anxiety in my everyday life. It has helped me through a wide range of stressful situations from getting rid of headaches to breakups with boyfriends, to issues that have been ingrained in me since I was a young girl. Practicing MTT is life changing, in a great way!! I have already signed up for Level II MTT. One can listen to what others have to say about MTT, but only until you experience MTT, will you believe for yourself!! The last thing I will say is that it takes a gifted teacher like Charlene Dortch to explain MTT and demonstrate how to do it, an effective teacher is key!!" SW

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